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Booking your trip with Villas & Vines:

You can fill in the form below and send it to us by clicking the "reserve my space" button when the form is completed. We will send you a document by email for electronic signature to be signed by all participants of the Terms and Conditions and the Liability Waiver. You will also receive by email an invoice in order to pay the deposit. 

Call Us
Call us at 214-558-7748 to confirm your place. We will send you the Booking Conditions including the Terms and Conditions by email or regular mail.  We accept personal checks or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). We can  fill in the booking form for you over the phone and send it to you for verification. Simply sign and return to us by email or regular mail. 
Book by email or post
You can download the Reservation Booking form here, fill it in and return it to us by email:
Please read through and complete the form, along with your credit card details for your deposit, and return it to us by your chosen method, as described.
Important Note: Please do not put credit card details on the form if you are emailing it to us. Leave the card details blank and kindly advise the details over the phone.
Reserve your place online
You may also make a reservation online. Go to your chosen trip on our website and click ‘Book’.

Make a provisional booking first
If you need a few days to discuss the trip with your traveling companion(s) or you prefer to pay by check, please call us to confirm availability. If we have sufficient space on your chosen trip we will hold your place(s) for you for up to 5 days to give you time to forward your booking confirmation to us.


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