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Why Choose Us


Small Groups 
A minimum of 12 and a maximum 24 travelers is perfect for those who want a true European experience with time to explore in a more authentic and relaxing way.  Small groups are able to access the small villages, authentic restaurants and small family owned wineries where large groups and buses can't go.  We are allowed the freedom, flexibility and camaraderie with a small group and our guests are able to enjoy a more personal and real travel experience. 

No Middlemen
We create and operate our own trips, then offer them directly to you, no middlemen added to the cost along the way.  We personally design each trip depending on the season, weather, group desires and our inspirations and experiences. Each of our tours is custom-designed specifically for small groups, with a balanced mix of sightseeing, cultural encounters, food and wine tastings and free time.   Most tour operators purchase tours from other companies and haven't been on the trips they sell. 

Great Value & Service
Our repeat guests know that if they were to do everything we do on our trips on their own, they would spend much more and wouldn't have the convenience of having the trip planned out logistically. The costs of luxury services including full-time hosts who are with you throughout your trip, premium vehicles including fuel, and private villa exclusive to our group is divided among the other travelers. Our small-group approach to travel is ideal for such groups because we can provide a very tailored experience, and the economics of the trip works quite well for 12 - 24 travelers. 

Most trips of this type charge a similar price but only allow for 7 days where the majority of our trips are for 11 days minimum. When comparing the same high-end services and amenities with the competition, we are confident that our trips represent excellent value for the money and individualized service.

Just say YES! After that we will take care of the details. Prior to the trip, Anne and Dennis are available to answer any questions you may have:  currency exchange, packing assistance, airline tickets, villa services,  food sensitivites, etc.  In addition to having Anne and Dennis as your full-time hosts throughout the trip, we have a local concierge on site who brings local expertise. You will be met at the airport by your host and from there you will be in good hands throughout your trip.


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